On Wednesday, September 27th, the Cowichan Valley Rotary Clubs had the distinct honor of a visit from  District Governor Caleb Summerfelt of District 5020. It was an evening that epitomized the spirit of Rotary, emphasizing fellowship, community service, and the profound impact that one person can make.
The evening was filled with warmth and camaraderie as Rotarians from various clubs in the Cowichan Valley gathered to welcome District Governor Caleb Summerfelt. As the sun set over our beautiful community, we were reminded of the power of unity and the sense of purpose that unites us all in the Rotary family.
In his address to the members, District Governor Caleb posed a thought-provoking question: "Can one person make a difference?" It's a query that lies at the heart of Rotary International's mission, and the answer, resounding in its simplicity, is an unequivocal "yes." Rotary, as an organization, has consistently demonstrated the transformative power of individual actions when channeled through a collective effort. We have seen how one person's passion, dedication, and commitment to service can create a ripple effect that touches countless lives.
District Governor Caleb had the privilege of inducting Ladysmith's newest Rotary member, Shabnam Rana. In that moment, we witnessed the continuation of Rotary's legacy of service, as one individual took the first step on a journey that will undoubtedly lead to positive change within our community and beyond.
District Governor Caleb also presented Ladysmith's Eillen Beltgens  with a Paul Harris +2, a well-deserved honor for her dedication and commitment to Rotary's mission of "Service Above Self." Her journey exemplifies how each Rotarian's unique efforts can accumulate over time, creating a lasting impact on our communities.
Rotary is not confined to borders or boundaries. Our international reach was evident as we had the pleasure of hosting Solveig Lossin from Basel Switzerland, our Rotary Exchange student. Solveig's presence highlights the interconnectedness of the Rotary family, as she becomes acquainted with Vancouver Island and builds relationships with fellow Rotarians from diverse clubs. Her experiences here will undoubtedly shape her worldview and foster a lifelong commitment to service.

As we reflect on this memorable evening, we are reminded that Rotary is not just an organization; it is a network of individuals dedicated to making a difference in the world. Each Rotary club and every Rotarian contributes to the greater good, demonstrating that "Service Above Self" is not merely a motto but a way of life.

District Governor Caleb Summerfelt's visit served as a powerful reminder of the impact that one person, one Rotarian, can have on the world. Together, as a united Rotary family, we have the ability to create positive change and transform lives. Let this evening inspire us to continue our journey of service and fellowship, knowing that, indeed, one person can make a profound difference in the lives of many.