Celebrating 50 Years of Service!

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Rotary Club of Ladysmith 50th Anniversary Meeting and Celebration!

Eileen Beltgens
Thursday, October 1st the Rotary Club of Ladysmith invited members, district leadership, Rotarians from District 5020 from Washington and BC, and community friends and leaders to our Zoom celebration of 50 years of fellowship and service in Ladysmith.  

What fun it was to hear some of the stories, especially in a video from charter members Pat Bryan and Bob Bafaro.  We recognize the depth of the legacy our current membership enjoys from the past, and look forward, inspired to re-invent our service for the future!  We so appreciated those who took the time to attend and to support our efforts!

We heard Mayor Stone read the Proclamation to create Rotary Day and Rotary Club of Ladysmith Week; we welcomed guests – community members and Rotarians throughout the BC-Washington Rotary District; we revisited a list of projects completed over these 50 years and some stories about the past; we heard from the first woman and a two-time President who joined Ladysmith Rotary thirty years ago; student Interact leaders celebrated the past and the future; a fellow Rotarian and historian summed up the community building and support in his discussion about why Rotarians and members of other service organizations do what they do for their communities with passion and commitment.  It was a great evening to be inspired and hopeful amid challenges in how we meet and work together.

Ladysmith Rotarians are a small club committed to working collaboratively with other organizations to build our community.  It takes a community of people to build community.

Celebrating 50 Years of Service - The Ladysmith Golf Course Story
Author: Ed Nicholson, Club Historian

Introduction: The Rotary Club of Ladysmith was formed in 1970 and received its Charter on September 31. It was and still is very active and took on some major projects in its first 10 years, but nothing as big as the commitment to build a community Golf Course.  Ed Nicholson spent many hours in the archives researching this story with the help of Andy Bohay. Here is the story of the project that is still an important part of Ladysmith, even if it did nearly kill the Club. - Gerry Beltgens, Club Public Image
Forrest Field All Access Walking Trail
It was a smoky Saturday that members of the Ladysmith Rotary, Kinsmen, Eagles and the Soccer Clubs began preparing the ground and forming for new paving from the parking lot and around the soccer pitch. Part of the work will include widening the existing concrete sidewalk to allow wheelchairs and walkers to navigate around spectators during games. 
The Clubs have raised close to $20,000.00 for the project through fundraisers, including an All Clubs Oktoberfest at Aggie Hall in 2018 (Lions, Kinsmen, Eagles, Soccer and Rotary) and an “Eggs Benefit” organized by the Oceanview Church of Ladysmith. Funds were also provided through a BC Gaming Grant application and a raffle by the Rotary club of Ladysmith. Island Savings Credit Union donated another $1,000.00 and the Lions Club donated $750.00. - Continued...
At the July 2nd meeting of the Rotary Club of Ladysmith, newly installed President, Eileen Beltgens, introduced her Focus of Engagement with Community, as well as Rotary International’s theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities to the membership.  This is also the Rotary Club of Ladysmith’s 50th anniversary!  Look for activities this summer and fall to celebrate our involvement in Ladysmith over the last half century!
The Installation was performed via Zoom and many Rotary District and local Interact Club leaders were in attendance.
Vancouver Island Rotary Clubs Provide food Relief for Mayan Communities in Guatemala in collaboration with Disaster Aid Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Members of the Rotary Mid Island Group (Ladysmith, Chemainus, Nanaimo) informed Disaster Aid Canada (DAC) in April 2020 that people are under a strict lock-down and on the verge of starvation in Guatemala. There are dire food, hygiene and PPE needs including masks. Workers have no jobs, there is no social safety net and the communities including markets are under complete lock-down. These Rotary Clubs have been involved in sustainable development projects in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala for several years.
Rotarians are People of Action!!!
What a great event...Coldest Night of the Year ...Feb.22, 2020. Thanks to the Ladysmith Resource Centre for organizing this worthwhile event in our community.
Thank you Paul, Michael, Marshall, Sandra, Brian, Mary, John and Andy!