Meeting of the Rotary Club of Ladysmith , July 6, 2023
Guests: Emma  Marchioro, Incoming short term excxhange student from Italy (left in picture)
             Athena  Wise, Outgoing short term exchange student going to Italy (right in picture)
             Patrickand Wendy Wise, parents of  Athena
             Linda Kirsch, guest of Joan
             Shabnam  -   pharmacist owner of Whole Health, guest of Michael



Ride for MS - once again Eowyn will participate in this fundraising / awareness event. She will send out an email with a link for those inclined to help her fundraise.

Youth Exchange BBQ - July 19th 5:00pm at the Beltgens. More info will be sent in an email. 

Forrest Field work party- July 29th-30th. Carl will provide more info…this part of the project will be to help build accessibility access for players and supporters. 

Celebration of Life for Bill Hutchinson - July 22nd at Bill’s place

Canadian Blood Services Blood drive - July 26th @ Ladysmith Bethel Church.  Contact Suzanne if you are able to volunteer for a couple of hours. 2 people needed per shift.

Shift times are : 12:00 - 2:30, 2:30 - 5:00, 5:00 - 2:00 - 7:00ish


Gerry's Vision 2023-2024

Members were asked to consider possible projects / activities that would be an asset to the community and that could be completed by the club. 

Some suggestions included:

Gazebo at Brown Drive Park

Upgrading of the Ladysmith Skateboard Park

A Signature Event

Current events include Rotary Golf Tournament, Rotary Garden Tour and Shredding Event

Past signature events included Corks and Forks, An Evening With Local Legends, Night At the Savoy ( and later For King and Country)

Future Activities

  • Christmas Party with Chemainus

  • Possible outdoor meetings at Transfer Beach
  • Social events like a brewery tour, theatre etc…

  • District Governor visit…AG Doyle Childs to arrange date and location

Sgt At Arms

- beware the Scotsman, Barry…it could be a costly year for all members :)

- Gerry $5 for starting the meeting ONTIME !

- don’t be late or it’s $2…even if prearranged. Yikes !

- sit at the table or share your wine with the boss (no, not Gerry…Barry !)

- Bob will be absent next week


Happy / Sad $

  • Suzanne had a lovely visit with family in Saskatchewan and Alberta

  • Michael thanked Rotarians for the successful Garden Tour BBQ, International Student Education BBQ, Pirates Day BBQ and Installation